Screensaver is a fresh approach to live music entertainment. Each monthly show broadcasts four hours of a warehouse party in South London’s infamous Bussey Building, whose rooms are projected onto each other’s walls and out across the world, as three incendiary live acts commune with hundreds of late-night pleasure seekers.

In bringing the party, we have several notable partners. Progressive spacial strategies by Darling&Edge, working with augmented reality visionaries Amplified Robot. East London Audio will continue to ensure Funktion One sound for peerless audio fidelity. Then at 11pm GMT we begin feeding the action to our seven cameras, 42 microphones and arsenal of creative technology, to mix countless technicolour terabytes into a single HD stream with studio-quality audio, live before your eyes.

Streaming through YouTube, each 4-hour broadcast remains online for 48hrs before being replaced by a series of 15-minute episodes to live and breathe on the channel forever. Live audio is also streamed from the stage to FM radio stations in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Athens.

Season 1 saw 18 live acts over six months in a sold-out 200-capacity warehouse in East London. For Season 2, we’re moving south of the river to a 500-capacity party, to welcome 24 of the UK’s most compelling live and electronic acts between March and August 2015. The parties are certified organic and anyone can attend, whether in person in London or online anywhere.

As well as these monthly curated parties, this year we’ll be partnering with MAMA Group to bring you live dispatches from festival stages throughout the summer, including Camden Crawl and The Great Escape. And of course that’s only what we’re already expecting – the joy of live entertainment is you never know what might happen.